The Studio
The Studio
The Studio
What makes Lizzfitness different? If you’re tired of big, mass-market gyms, where nobody knows your name - much less your injuries or personal fitness goals - then LizzFitness is for you. Instead of vying for weights and a mat at a corporate facility, you can workout in an intimate space with a small group of like-minded gym-goers. And best of all, you can do it all under the watchful eye of certified trainer Lizz Endrich. Lizz will push you to your own personal limits, be mindful of your injuries, and give you the most innovative, creative, and most importantly, results-driven workouts of your life. Don’t think working out can be fun? Think again. Here, you’ll sweat it out with other real bodies (no super-models here) and become part of a growing, supportive fitness community. No judgment allowed.
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Lizzfitness has been voted best gym with a view by the readers of Westchester Magazine. Here’s what they had to say: Big gyms have exercise machines,

Spring is almost here.Time to step it up

Time to stay in shape and add a new fitness goal.  Find the workout that’s right for you at Lizzfitness.  

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Finally a great night for a beautiful hike to Anthony’s Nose. Spectacular views to be had,lots of fun and camaraderie. So lets get it done!